Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Kansas Senate approves $494 million in tax cuts

The Kansas Senate voted to give up nearly a half billion dollars in revenue, a move that potentially torpedoes an education plan approved by...

Kansans’ ability to itemize may be price to funding schools

The ability of Kansans to itemize on their state tax returns likely will be on the line as Kansas legislators figure out how to...

Federal tax reform could limit Kansans ability to itemize

Kansas taxpayers may been been unwittingly hurt when Congress reformed the tax code last year. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act discouraged taxpayers to...

Massive tax plan, food sales tax cut pitched to House panel

Even the sponsor acknowledged it would be a struggle at best. But Democratic state Rep. Tim Hodge of North Newton gave it a go, pitching...

New revenue report: Tax collections $275 million ahead of estimates

A new report released Thursday morning shows that Kansas brought in about $26.7 million more than expected in overall tax revenue during February, and...

Senate approves small business tax breaks; critics say they’re bad policy

The Kansas Senate on Thursday approved a small business tax break that critics said repeats the reckless fiscal policies of the past. The Senate voted...