Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Compromise on utility transmission charge could save ratepayers millions

A compromise emerged Thursday that is expected to settle a dispute at the Capitol over limiting Evergy's ability to recover electric transmission costs from...

House committee strips energy moratorium from budget

A House committee on Thursday removed a budget amendment that would have blocked environmental permitting for energy projects until 2025 and could have affected...

Lawmakers seek study of ‘potential adverse’ effects from wind, solar, electric power

Lawmakers moved on Monday to order a broad study of the health and environmental effects of wind turbines, power transmission lines, solar panels and...

Senate panel approves bill that critics say gives utility companies ‘monopoly’

A proposal that gives local utility companies the first shot at building transmission lines that connect to their facilities cleared its first legislative hurdle...

Building new electric transmission lines: A debate over competition

The debate over electric rates in Kansas is taking a new turn with a hotly contested proposal giving local utility companies the first shot...

Lawmakers presented data showing electric rates gradually declining

With a battle developing over utility regulation, new data show Kansas has seen a gradual decline in electric rates over a six-year period. Justin Grady,...

Biden administration delays start of lesser prairie chicken rule

Kansas farmers and ranchers got a little break Monday when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to extend the start of new protections...

UPDATED: Fight over electric rates focusing on how KCC is picked

(Updated to include Kansas Chamber's response to Evergy and subsequent replies) A group pushing for lower electric rates is undertaking an effort to force the...

Kansas chasing ‘transformative’ regional hydrogen hub

A private-public partnership is looking to help Kansas take a historic step toward expanding the clean energy economy with a regional hub for producing...

Little-used strategy employed to stop prairie chicken regs in Congress

The state's Republican congressional delegation is stepping up efforts to force the Biden administration to abandon a rule protecting the lesser prairie chicken under...