Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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KCC denies second request for natural gas subpoena

A coalition of natural gas users on Tuesday lost its renewed bid to get state utility regulators to subpoena a company that influences natural...

KCC asked to approve $105 million natural gas agreement

State utility regulators are being asked to approve a $105 million agreement that would cover costs that hit Kansas Gas Service and other natural...

Legislative pressure builds on utility regulators

Legislative pressure is mounting on state regulators to more aggressively respond to ongoing investigations into how ratepayers were hit with nearly $1 billion in...

Kelly administration opposes new prairie chicken protections

Gov. Laura Kelly's administration is urging the federal government not to impose new protections for the lesser prairie chicken, saying the states are in...

Federal regulators propose prairie chicken protections

Federal environmental regulators are proposing to list the lesser prairie chicken as threatened in Kansas under the Endangered Species Act, setting off complaints that...

$20 million in loan relief OK’d for wholesale gas customers

The Kansas Legislature on Friday approved $20 million in loan relief for customers of wholesale natural gas suppliers, who were hit with skyrocketing utility...

Legislature passes infrastructure protest bill

The Legislature late Tuesday approved a bill that's intended to protect critical infrastructure from destructive protests but was criticized as an attempt to shut...

House passes infrastructure protest bill

The Kansas House on Tuesday approved a bill that's intended to protect critical infrastructure but criticized as chilling free speech. The chamber voted to 82-42...

Heavy power users seek relief for electric rates

The lawyer for a coalition of heavy power users in Kansas is asking lawmakers to take steps to ensure the state has regionally competitive...

Legislature passes bill barring natural gas bans

A bill banning Kansas cities and counties from restricting public access to natural gas has won the approval of the Kansas Legislature. The Kansas House...