Thursday, June 1, 2023
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New incentives for electric, hydrogen vehicle assembly plant left hanging as Legislature adjourned

As the clock wound down on the Kansas Legislature, a major piece of economic development legislation was left on the table that didn't make...

Broad tax bill limiting government competition against private sector clears Legislature

A broad tax bill that would prohibit government from running businesses that compete with the private sector cleared the Kansas Legislature on Thursday. The Senate...

Legislature puts $10 million toward stadium improvements ahead of World Cup

The Legislature has approved Gov. Laura Kelly's request for $10 million to improve the home of the Sporting Kansas City soccer club ahead of...

Governor lets ESG bill become law without signature

Gov. Laura Kelly on Monday agreed to allow a bill become law that's intended to keep state and local governments from giving preference to businesses...

Governor signs bill exempting streaming services from franchise taxes

Gov. Laura Kelly on Thursday signed a bill into law exempting streaming services from local franchise taxes that could have been passed on to...

Bill limiting ESG investments dodges defeat, clears Legislature

The Kansas Legislature on Thursday approved a bill intended to keep state and local governments from playing favorites with businesses employing environmental, social and...

Bill banning social media censorship torpedoed in Senate

The state Senate on Tuesday torpedoed a bill banning social media companies from limiting content, sending the legislation back to a different committee where...

Senate passes bill limiting train lengths over railroad objections

The Kansas Senate stood up to the powerful railroad industry Tuesday, passing a bill that would force railroads to run shorter trains in an...

House passes ban regulating bags that faces veto from governor

The Kansas House on Monday approved a bill barring local governments from regulating grocery bags made from plastic and other material, a measure that may...

UPDATED: Kansas House approves ESG bill; Senate committee reworks its version

(Updated to reflect final vote on Thursday) The Kansas House on Thursday approved a bill intended to keep state and local governments from playing favorites...