Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Storm brewing over surging electricity rates

A storm’s brewing at the Capitol over surging Kansas electricity rates, which are the highest in the region. A coalition of high-volume electricity users —and...

A litmus test for KCC appointees?

Seizing on the debate percolating at the capitol over high electricity rates, Secretary of State Kris Kobach has raised the possibility of a new...

Senate committee moves to reduce Kansas electric rates

A Senate committee staked out a position on high electricity rates Wednesday, passing a resolution calling on state regulators to keep power rates regionally competitive. The...

Utility heavyweights defend electricity rate increases

Kansas’ two biggest utility companies fought back Monday against a Senate proposal directing state regulators to keep electricity rates regionally competitive. The state Senate is...

Senate urges regulators to keep electric rates competitive

The Kansas Senate passed a resolution Thursday urging state regulators to keep power rates regionally competitive. The resolution, passed on a 30-9 vote, comes in...

Battle unfolds over proposed power plant purchase

Big industry is teaming up with consumer advocates to block Westar from purchasing a share of a coal-fired power plant in northeast Kansas. A coalition...

Wind industry gearing up for fight against proposed government controls

The state's wind industry is preparing for a fight over legislation that aims to give neighbors more power over where the turbines can be...

Three firms bid on Kansas utility rate study

When legislative leadership meets next week, it will choose among three bidders for a study that will examine the state's rising utility rates. Statehouse sources...

Masterson fears rate study bill goes further than intended, seeks compromise

A bill calling for a study of Kansas' high electric rates is slowing down in the Legislature after a key lawmaker was advised that...

Utility executive labels proposed rate study as ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

A simple study on utility rates. Or something more sinister? A public utility executive on Tuesday ripped into a bill calling for an electric rate study,...