Monday, June 1, 2020
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Storm brewing over surging electricity rates

A storm’s brewing at the Capitol over surging Kansas electricity rates, which are the highest in the region. A coalition of high-volume electricity users —and...

Utility heavyweights defend electricity rate increases

Kansas’ two biggest utility companies fought back Monday against a Senate proposal directing state regulators to keep electricity rates regionally competitive. The state Senate is...

Senate committee moves to reduce Kansas electric rates

A Senate committee staked out a position on high electricity rates Wednesday, passing a resolution calling on state regulators to keep power rates regionally competitive. The...

Senate urges regulators to keep electric rates competitive

The Kansas Senate passed a resolution Thursday urging state regulators to keep power rates regionally competitive. The resolution, passed on a 30-9 vote, comes in...

A litmus test for KCC appointees?

Seizing on the debate percolating at the capitol over high electricity rates, Secretary of State Kris Kobach has raised the possibility of a new...

Energy debate heats up at Capitol as coalition asks for rate reduction

The battle over electric rates escalated at the Capitol on Thursday as a coalition of business and consumer groups asked the state's utilities to...

Voluntary rate reduction would cost KCP&L $400 million yearly

A voluntary electric rate reduction of 10 percent would cost the newly merged KCP&L and Westar Energy about $400 million a year, a top...

Wind industry gearing up for fight against proposed government controls

The state's wind industry is preparing for a fight over legislation that aims to give neighbors more power over where the turbines can be...

Utility executive labels proposed rate study as ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

A simple study on utility rates. Or something more sinister? A public utility executive on Tuesday ripped into a bill calling for an electric rate study,...

Masterson fears rate study bill goes further than intended, seeks compromise

A bill calling for a study of Kansas' high electric rates is slowing down in the Legislature after a key lawmaker was advised that...