Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Education consultants meet lawmakers; some worry where funding study headed

Education consultants working on a new cost study of the Kansas public education system visited lawmakers Friday, explaining how they're coming up with a...

House speaker commits to teacher due process debate

Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman on Thursday said his chamber would debate a bill on restoring due process rights for teachers this session. "The body wants it,"...

Gun-safety class stalls in House

An effort to give school districts explicit authority to offer gun-safety classes crafted by the National Rifle Association stalled Thursday in the Kansas House. House...

House rejects effort to debate teacher due process

The House overwhelmingly turned back an effort Thursday morning to force a vote on a bill restoring due process rights for teachers. The House rejected...

Senate panel approves bill protecting campus speech

Authorities arrested activists passing out pocket copies of the Constitution on a community college campus in Michigan. Texas Southern University turned away U.S. Sen John...

House panel moves to restore teacher due process rights

Kansas lawmakers late Monday afternoon moved to restore teacher due process rights that were peeled away four years ago. The House Education Committee voted to...