First U.S. Senate debate set


The first U.S. Senate debate between Republican Congressman Roger Marshall and Democratic state Sen. Barbara Bollier is set for this weekend.

The two candidates will square off in streamed debate broadcast on WIBW’s website from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

It will be broadcast on WIBW’s Facebook page and on 580 AM or 104.9 FM.

A second debate is anticipated but no details were available.

The announcement of the debate comes as as the political action committee affiliated with EMILY’S List – WOMEN VOTE! – announced plans to spend $2.6 million on a television campaign against Marshall.

During the primary, EMILY’s List put $1.75 million into a PAC that took aim at Marshall  while boosting rival Kris Kobach.

“Congressman Marshall took insurance and pharma money, then voted over and over to threaten coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and let drug companies charge patients and their families more,” EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock said in a statement.

“Barbara Bollier has been a doctor and  dedicated public servant who, as a state senator, stood up for Medicaid expansion, and in the Senate she’ll protect access to quality, affordable health care for Kansans.

“We’re proud to stand with her, and we’re ready to continue to hold Congressman Marshall accountable this fall.”

Bollier has been an ardent supporter of abortion rights as a state lawmaker, a point that national Republicans have been driving home with their own campaign.

Marshall responded with a video on Twitter, using the EMILY’S ad buy to raise money.

“EMILY’S List if you don’t know them, may be the most pro abortion group in all of America,” Marshall said in the video.

“They’re in favor of late-term abortion, they’re in favor of dismemberment abortions, they’re in favor of murdering a baby right up to the moment of birth. They’re in favor of murdering babies that survive abortion.

“We need your help. We need it now.”