Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Sunday Reader: Pricey noncampaign; Kansas lawsuit culture

Good morning everyone: It seems these days we're scrounging for stories, an unusual trend since we started this little news service back in February 2018....

Teen gubernatorial candidate fined

The Kansas ethics commission on Wednesday fined one of the teen gubernatorial candidates $5,000 for failing to file an amended campaign finance report for...

Sunday Reader: Sykes may draw challenge; Bergeson fined

Good morning everyone, and happy Labor Day weekend: Not a terribly busy week as we headed into the weekend that essentially marks the end of...

Gubernatorial commercial/video roundup for 2018 primary

There are no words on Earth to describe a television commercial. You really don't want to read something you can watch anyway. So, here is...

Gubernatorial hopefuls call for local governments to decide prevailing wage

The three major Democratic candidates for Kansas governor said Saturday that local governments should be able to decide whether to pay union-scale wages on...