Probst extends lead in House 102 race


Democratic state Rep. Jason Probst has extended his lead in the race for House District 102 as Reno County officials started counting provisional ballots Thursday morning.

Probst now leads Republican Jason Whitesel by 22 votes, according to the Reno County election office. Probst led 3,261-3,239 with provisional ballots to be counted.

Probst, who led by three votes after polls closed last week, is seeking a second full term in the Kansas House.

He was appointed to the seat in 2017 to replace the late state Rep. Patsy Terrell.

There were 309 provisional ballots cast in House District 102, but only 210 will be counted.

Reno County officials will convene at 4 p.m. Thursday to certify the final results.

Meanwhile, Johnson County officials expect to certify their results at 4 p.m. Thursday as well.

The results will settle the close races between Democrat Linda Featherston and Rashard Young in House District 16 and Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Day and Republican challenger Terry Frederick.

Featherston leads Young by one vote while Frederick leads Day by nine votes.

The number of provisional ballots in each of those districts was not available.

The outcome of all three races will determine the size of the Republican caucus in the Kansas House.

If Republicans lose all three, they will have 86 members in the House. If they win all three, they will have 89 members in the House.