Kobach’s rivals: How they responded to his announcement


Here’s an overview of how Republican Kris Kobach’s rivals responded to his candidacy for U.S. Senate. The only one we did not hear from on the subject is former Johnson County Commissioner David Lindstrom.

Alan Cobb from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce declined comment through a spokeswoman. Senate President Susan Wagle was not planning to issue a statement, according to her chief of staff.

Republican Treasurer Jake LaTurner: “Donald Trump needs reinforcements in the United States Senate. Jake LaTurner is the conservative candidate for Senate who can actually win the primary and the general election.”

Republican Congressman Roger Marshall: “Congressman Marshall will be making his decision in the coming months,” spokesman Eric Pahls said. “But in a cycle where the Republican Senate majority hangs in the balance, there’s no room for error in red states like Kansas. Nominating a strong Republican who can actually win the general election will be crucial.”

Democrat Barry Grissom: “I welcome the contrast with Kris Kobach’s extreme agenda that he wants to take to the U.S. Senate. Kansans are common sense people who want leaders focused on results for rural hospitals, the economy or our famers, not more partisan gridlock. It’s why I trust Kansans to choose progress over a return to the Kobach-Brownback era of dysfunction and gridlock. Whether you’re a Kansas Democrat, Republican, or independent, we all want to get things done, and none of us want to send Kris Kobach’s extremist agenda to Washington.”