Adkins making another congressional bid


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Republican Amanda Adkins announced Monday morning she would mount another challenge against Democratic Congresswoman Sharice Davids in the 3rd District.

“We need more common-sense conservative, female, business-minded voices in Congress,” Adkins said in a statement.

“I want to represent the people of the Third District in Washington to get things done, end the gridlock and solve the problems that people are facing with their families every day.

“My experience as a business leader, mother, and community champion for solutions in healthcare will bring perspective missing in Washington.

“I believe the government’s role should be providing economic lift to a region, not furthering dependency on the government for generations to come.”

At the end of December, Adkins sent out an email that not only raised money for two ongoing U.S. Senate races in Georgia, but for her 3rd District campaign as well.

Last  fall, Adkins lost to Davids by about 10 percentage points, which was about the same margin former Congressman Kevin Yoder lost by two years earlier.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasted little time renewing Adkins connections with former Gov. Sam Brownback.

“In 2020, Kansans rejected top Brownback advisor Amanda Adkins and her work to enact the disastrous Brownback tax experiment, which Kansas families are still paying for to this day,” DCCC spokeswoman Helen Kalla said in a statement.

“It’s no surprise that the Republican establishment in Kansas is lining up to support Adkins, who supported their education-gutting agenda,” Kalla said.

“Kansans know Adkins and her toxic agenda would be disastrous for working families, which is why they’ll re-elect Congresswoman Sharice Davids because she’s always had their backs,” she said.

The questions now facing Adkins would be what does a new 3rd District look like after redistricting next year and will the Kansas City suburbs be just as toxic for the GOP.

Adkins had about $40,000 in the bank at the end of 2020 after spending about $2.1 million in her campaign against Davids.

Davids had about $479,000 on hand at the end of the year after spending about $5.2 million during the last campaign.

Adkins released a campaign video on Monday with an endorsement from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.