Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Kansas speedway: Motorists hitting 100 mph or more

As traffic thinned during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kansas highways emerged as drag strips for drivers who saw a chance to floor the gas pedal...

COVID-19 strikes KDOT as winter moves into state

The timing couldn't be any worse for the state's Transportation Department. As winter season moves into Kansas, transportation officials are grappling with a rapid rise...

State building new ‘rolling’ transportation plan

Gov. Laura Kelly's administration is building a new, nimble transportation plan that won't require a tax increase but counts on stanching the flow of...

State announces funding for transportation projects

The state Transportation Department on Tuesday announced 22 projects that will share in a $50 million pot of money approved by the Legislature last...

Senate approves bill expanding tolling on Kansas highways

The Kansas Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that for the first time could expand tolling beyond the Kansas Turnpike. The bill, backed by Gov....

KDOT rounding out top management staff

Interim Kansas Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz is lining up her top management staff at the agency. Lorenz is bringing back highway department veterans Maggie Doll,...