Friday, February 23, 2024
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Kelly predicts help seeking aid for budget deficit

Gov. Laura Kelly said Monday she expects the state's congressional delegation will warm to the idea of using federal dollars to help offset the...

Moran, Roberts balk at calls for funds to fill budget gaps

Republican U.S. Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts say they're reluctant to move quickly to give states more money to fill deep budget holes...

Judge at center of church lawsuit: Who is he?

The Twitterverse could barely contain itself over the weekend. In the hours after U.S. District Judge John Broomes ruled in favor of two churches challenging...

Sunday Reader: Club for Growth enters Senate race

Good morning everyone: We begin today on a somber note as the coronavirus pandemic escalates with a stay-at-home order issued for Johnson and Wyandotte counties...

Legislature tackles student-athlete endorsements

Kansas is joining the wave of states nationally seeking to allow college athletes to profit from their names, likenesses and images. Athletic directors from the...

Sunday Reader: ‘Dark store’ bill, Farmer Mac nominee

Good morning everyone: We start a fresh week after a momentous ending to Friday's session when a proposed constitutional amendment on abortion was defeated after...

UPDATED: Moran campaigns for abortion amendment

(Updated to reflect Roger Marshall's involvement) On the eve of a major vote in the Kansas House, U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran lobbied for a proposed...

Sunday Reader: Kelly fundraising; Kobach loans forgiven

Good morning everyone: We're trying to get this out to you early today, because we know at about 2 p.m. no one will care about...

Sunday Reader: Missing ammo report; Foster’s campaign team

Good morning everyone: Hope you are bracing for the bad weather ahead. As we get ready to send this out, snow is already blanketing our...

Sunday Reader: Freeze-dried remains; Iowa sports betting

Good morning: Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As you might imagine, it wasn't the busiest of weeks, but here are some notable news items...