NFIB rolls out general election endorsements


The Kansas political action committee for the National Federation of Independent Business announced its endorsements Wednesday, backing a slate of legislative candidates in the general election.

The PAC considered a number of issues, but one of the most important was NFIB’s voting record.

Lawmakers were scored on how they voted on seven key bills during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.

These are only endorsements for contested general election races.

District 1
Endorsed candidate: Sen. Dennis Pyle, Republican
Opponent: Kirk Miller, Democrat

District 3
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Willie Dove, Republican
Opponent: state Sen. Tom Holland, Democrat

District 4
No endorsement
: state Sen. David Haley
Republican: Sam Stillwell

District 5
Endorsed candidate:
 state Sen. Kevin Braun, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Jeff Pittman, Democrat

District 6
No endorsement

Democrat: state Sen. Pat Pettey
Republican: Diana Whittington

District 7
No endorsement

Republican: Laura McConwell
Democrat: Ethan Corson

District 8
Endorsed candidate: James Todd, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Cindy Holscher, Democrat

District 9
Endorsed candidate: Beverly Gossage, Republican
Opponent: Stacey Knoell, Democrat

District 10
Endorsed candidate:
 state Sen. Mike Thompson, Republican
Opponent: Lindsey Constance, Democrat

District 11
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Kellie Warren, Republican
Opponent: Joy Koesten, Democrat

District 12
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Caryn Tyson, Republican
Opponent: Mike Bruner, Democrat

District 13
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Richard Hilderbrand, Republican
Opponent: Nancy Ingle, Democrat

District 16
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Ty Masterson, Republican
Opponent: Timothy Don Fry II, Democrat

District 17
Endorsed candidate:
state Sen. Jeff Longbine, Republican
Stephen Vecchione, Democrat

District 18
Endorsed candidate:
 Kristen O’Shea, Republican
Tobias Schlingensiepen, Democrat

District 19
No endorsement
state Sen. Anthony Hensley
Rick Kloos

District 20
Endorsed candidate:
state Rep. Brenda Dietrich, Republican
Rachel Willis, Democrat

District 21
Endorsed candidate: Tom Bickimer, Republican
state Sen. Dinah Sykes, Democrat

District 22
Endorsed candidate: Craig Bowser, Republican
Opponent: state Sen. Tom Hawk, Democrat

District 23 
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Rob Olson, Republican
Opponent: Wendy Budetti, Democrat

District 25
Endorsed candidate: 
Vail Fruechting, Republican
Opponent: state Sen. Mary Ware, Democrat

District 27
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Gene Suellentrop, Republican
Opponent: Mike McCorkle, Democrat

District 28
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Mike Petersen, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Jim Ward, Democrat

District 29
No endorsement
 state Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau
Republican: Myron L. Ackerman

District 30
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Renee Erickson, Republican
Opponent: Melissa Gregory, Democrat

District 34
Endorsed candidate:
 Mark Steffen, Republican
Opponent: Shanna Henry, Democrat

District 37
Endorsed candidate:
 state Sen. Molly Baumgardner, Republican
Becca Peck, Democrat

District 38
Endorsed candidate:
 state Sen. Bud Estes, Republican
 Edgar Pando, Democrat

District 40
Endorsed candidate:
state Sen. Rick Billinger, Republican
Larry Dreiling, Democrat

House races

District 2 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ken Collins, Republican
Opponent: Lynn Grant, Democrat

District 3
Endorsed candidate: 
Chuck Smith, Republican
state Rep. Monica Murnan

District 4 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Trevor Jacobs, Republican
Opponent: Bill Meyer, Democrat

District 5
No endorsement
 Roger Sims
Republican: state Rep. Mark Samsel

District 9
Endorsed candidate:
state Rep. Kent Thompson, Republican
Opponent: Alana Cloutier, Democrat

District 13
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Joe Newland, Republican
Mark Pringle, Democrat

District 14
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Charlotte Esau, Republican
Opponent: Angela Justus Schweller, Democrat

District 15
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. John M. Toplikar, Republican
Opponent: Cole Fine, Democrat

District 16
Endorsed candidate: Rashard Young, Republican
Opponent: Linda Featherston, Democrat

District 17
Endorsed candidate: Kristine Sapp, Republican
Opponent: Jo Ella Hoye, Democrat

District 18
Endorsed candidate: Cathy Gordon, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Cindy Neighbor, Democrat

District 20
Endorsed candidate: Jane Dirks, Republican
Opponent: Mari-Lynn Poskin, Democrat

District 21
No endorsement
Democrat: state Rep. Jerry Stogsdill
Republican: Bob Reese

District 23
Endorsed candidate: Jeff Shull, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Susan Ruiz, Democrat

District 26
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Adam Thomas, Republican
 Michael Shimeall, Democrat

District 27
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Sean Tarwater, Republican
 Sona Patel, Democrat

District 28 
Endorsed candidate: Carl Turner, Republican
 Sally Jercha, Democrat

District 29
Endorsed candidate:
Jerry Clinton
Opponent: state Rep. Brett Parker, Democrat

District 30
Endorsed candidate: 
Laura Williams, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Brandon Woodard, Democat

District 31
No endorsement

Democrat: state Rep. Louis Ruiz
Republican: Landon Griffith

District 32
No endorsement

Democrat: state Rep. Pam Curtis
Republican: Greg Conchola

District 33 
Endorsed candidate: Jordan Mackey
state Rep. Tom Burroughs, Democrat

District 35 
No endorsement
Democrat: state Rep. Broderick Henderson
Republican: Mark David Snelson

District 36
Endorsed candidate: Mark Gilstrap, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, Democrat

District 37
No endorsement
Aaron Coleman
state Rep. Stan Frownfelter, Kristina Smith, Keith Jordan 

District 38
Endorsed candidate: Timothy Johnson, Republican
 Sherri Grogan, Democrat

District 39
Endorsed candidate: 
state Rep. Owen Donohoe, Republican
Les Lampe, Democrat

District 40
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. David French, Republican
 Joana Scholtz, Democrat

District 41
Endorsed candidate:
 Pat Proctor, Republican
Opponent: Mike Griswold, Democrat

District 43
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Bill Sutton, Republican
Opponent: Pamela Finley, Democrat

District 47
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ronald B. Ellis, Republican
Opponent: Michael Caddell, Democrat

District 48
Endorsed candidate: 
Terry Frederick, Republican
 state Rep. Jennifer Day, Democrat

District 49
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Megan Lynn, Republican
Opponent: Katie Dixon, Democrat

District 50
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Fred Patton, Republican
Opponent: Timothy Reed, Democrat

District 52
Endorsed candidate:
 Jesse Borjon, Republican
Opponent: Mary Lou Davis, Democrat

District 53
Endorsed candidate:
Jeff Coen, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Jim Gartner, Democrat

District 54
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ken Corbet, Republican
Opponent: John Brosz, Democrat

District 55
Endorsed candidate:
Janlyn Nesbett Tucker, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Annie Kuether, Democrat

District 56
Endorsed candidate:
Timothy Clothier, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Virgil J. Weigel, Democrat

District 57
Endorsed candidate:
Michael Martin, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. John Alcala, Democrat

District 58
Endorsed candidate:
Geoffrey Gawdun
Opponent: state Sen. Vic Miller, Democrat

District 59
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Blaine Finch, Republican
Opponent: Caren Rugg, Democrat

District 60
Endorsed candidate:
state Rep. Mark Schreiber, Republican
: Todd Maddox, Democrat

District 64
Endorsed candidate:
state Rep. Susan Carlson, Republican
Opponent: Jim Vathauer, Democrat

District 67
Endorsed candidate:
 Mike Dodson, Republican
Opponent: Cheryl Arthur, Democrat

District 68
Endorsed candidate:
state Rep. Dave Baker, Republican
: Scott Dawson, Democrat

District 69
Endorsed candidate: Clarke Sanders, Republican
Opponent: Ryan Holmquist, Democrat

District 70
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. John Barker, Republican
Opponent: Jo Schwartz, Democrat

District 71
Endorsed candidate:
 Steven Howe, Republican
Opponent: Jeffrey Zamrzla, Democrat

District 72
Endorsed candidate: 
Avery Anderson, Republican
: state Rep. Tim Hodge, Democrat

District 75 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Will Carpenter, Republican
Opponent: Ethan Caylor, Democrat

District 78
Endorsed candidate:
 state Rep. Ron Ryckman Jr., Republican
Opponent: Kathy Meyer, Democrat

District 79
Endorsed candidate:
 state Rep. Cheryl Helmer, Republican
Opponent: Ken White, Democrat

District 81
Endorsed candidate:
 state Rep. Blake Carpenter, Republican
Opponent: Matthew Joyce, Democrat

District 82
Endorsed candidate: 
state Rep. Jesse Burris, Republican
 Edward Hackerott, Democrat

District 83
No endorsement

Democrat: state Rep. Henry Helgerson
Republican: David Robbins

District 84
No endorsement

Democrat: state Rep. Gail Finney
Republican: Janet Sue Rine

District 85
Endorsed candidate
: Patrick Penn, Republican
Opponent: Marcey Gregory, Democrat

District 86
Endorsed candidate: 
Cyndi Howerton, Republican
Opponent: Stephanie Byers, Democrat

District 87
Endorsed candidate
: Susan Estes, Republican
Opponent: Matt Fox, Democrat

District 89
Endorsed candidate:
Robert Herrick Jr., Republican
Opponent: state Rep. K.C. Ohaebosim, Democrat

District 92
No endorsement
Democrat: state Rep. John Carmichael
Republican: Patrick McCormack

District 94
Endorsed candidate:
 state Rep. Leo Delperdang, Republican
Opponent: Derek Milligan, Democrat

District 95
No endorsement
Democrat: state Rep. Tom Sawyer
Republican: Christopher Parisho

District 96
No endorsement
Tom Kessler
Democrat: state Rep. Stephanie Yeager

District 97 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Nick Hoheisel, Republican
Opponent: Kim Webb, Democrat

District 98 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ron Howard, Republican
Opponent: Steven Crum, Democrat

District 99
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Susan Humphries, Republican
Opponent: Phil Hodson, Democrat

District 100
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Dan Hawkins, Republican
Opponent: Chad Smith, Democrat

District 101
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Joe Seiwert, Republican
Opponent: Elliott Adams, Democrat

District 102
Endorsed candidate: John Whitesel, Republican
Opponent: state Rep. Jason Probst, Democrat

District 103
No endorsement
Democrat: state Rep. Ponka-We Victors
Republican: Susanne Haynes

District 104
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Paul Waggoner, Republican
Opponent: Garth Strand, Democrat

District 105
Endorsed candidate: 
state Rep. Brenda Landwehr, Republican
Michelle Snyder, Democrat

District 106
Endorsed candidate: 
Lisa Moser, Republican
James Swim, Democrat

District 111
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Barbara Wasinger, Republican
Opponent: Eber Phelps, Democrat

District 114
No endorsement
: Michael Murphy
Democrat: Jeff Stroberg

District 116 
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Kyle Hoffman, Republican
Opponent: Rick Roitman, Democrat

District 119
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Brad Ralph, Republican
Opponent: Jan Scoggins, Democrat,

District 121
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. John Resman, Republican
Opponent: James Rexford, Democrat