Kansas Democratic Committeeman stepping down


Kansas National Democratic Committeeman Christopher Reeves is stepping down from his position, saying it will give him more freedom to work in campaigns.

Reeves was serving a second four-year term as the Kansas Democratic Party’s national committeeman. He was just reelected last year.

He said his resignation was effective Monday.

Chris Reeves

“I know what is most important is to provide every opportunity for Democratic candidates to win,” Reeves said in a email.

“Over the last five years, I have worked diligently at doing just that, but serving the Kansas Democratic Party as the DNC Committeemember has, at times, meant that I could not have the free reign I once did within campaigns and outside organizations,” Reeves said.

“2022 is incredibly important to our state and our country. I want to do anything possible to help with our chances,” he said.

He called on the party to be inclusive and embrace diversity in its leadership and emphasize issues that affect the less affluent and the environment.

“When I first ran, this position was often held by those with the money and time to do so, which were retirees, doctors, and attorneys.” Reeves said.

“We are also the party of farmers, welders, truck drivers, mechanics, micro-brewers; the party of the young and the old.

“I look forward to endorsing someone who represents what the party can and should be in the future,” he said.

Reeves parted with a fond thoughts about Gov. Laura Kelly.

“I have never been more grateful to serve in a time when we elected Governor Laura Kelly,” he said.

“I viewed her as a smart, thoughtful legislator.

“As governor, she has looked out for the good health and safety of our state, against the pressure of others. Communicating those efforts can be difficult.

“I know now is the time to let our Governor be herself, and to get out and begin making some news as to the real good that is happening in our state thanks to the American Rescue Plan,” he said referring to the latest federal COVID relief funding.

It was immediately unknown when the party might move to fill the position.