Five things you need to know from Monday


The legislative session got off to another busy start with many things happening all over the Capitol. Here’s a roundup of what happened Monday that you may have missed but need to known as the the Legislature races toward first adjournment. Oh yes, it’s only going to get busier today so stay tuned.

Taxing Netflix

Cities and streaming service providers are in a fight over a bill that could undermine a class-action lawsuit by the city of Fort Scott seeking to force streaming services to pay franchise taxes. The Federal and State Affairs Committee heard from both sides Monday.

New type of gambling

A sports wagering bill is expected to emerge in the House that would authorize historical horse racing in Sedgwick County. The bill could remove a major obstacle to getting sports wagering passed in Kansas this session. For what it’s worth, historical horse racing machines look like slot machines but will be defined as parimutuel wagering, which allows it to get around needing a public vote. The gaming industry says historical racing machines are very different different from slots.

Republican maps out

House Republicans early Monday evening revealed their new district maps that place three pairs of incumbents together in the same district although two of those candidates are not expected to run for reelection.

Healthcare violence penalties

A bill increasing penalties for violence against health care providers was sidetracked in the Senate Monday because it’s tied to a measure giving them expanded immunity from civil liability for damages arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kobach vs. Kansas Chamber

Former Secretary of State Kris Kobach picked another fight with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce last week at a forum with two other GOP candidates for Kansas attorney general. He again accused them of supporting of illegal immigration, which invited yet another rebuke from the chamber’s top executive.