Candidacy of Wichita statehouse candidate challenged


A challenge has been filed questioning the candidacy of Republican Michael Capps, who is running in the 85th District in the Wichita area.

Democrat Monica Marks filed an objection through her attorney — Democratic state Rep. Vic Miller of Topeka — over Capps’ residency. Capps could not be reached for comment.

The filing with the secretary of state argues that Capps misrepresented where he lived when he filed to run for the seat that’s being vacated by outgoing Republican state Rep. Chuck Weber.

He used the same address — 3103 N. Governeour, Wichita — when he registered to vote, as well.

“Capps was dishonest when he changed his voter registration form and filed for the Kansas House of Representatives District 85 on June 1,” the objection alleges.

Marks’ complaint charges that although the property that Capps listed when he filed to run for office once belonged to him, it was foreclosed on. It was put up for sale the day he filed to run.

The objection cites court documents that indicate Capps couldn’t be served as a defendant at that address, which is just down the street from where Marks lives.

Further, Marks contends that the judge’s order authorizing the sale of the property at the address was returned as undeliverable because no one was living there.

In her objection,  Marks said she visited the address Capps listed on several occasions while walking the neighborhood for other political candidates.

She said the house had sat empty for months with full trash cans sitting at the end of the driveway.

The objection argues that Capps really resides at another address in the 97th House District, where he originally filed to run for the House.

It contends that when Weber withdrew from running for re-election on June 1 — the deadline to file for office — Capps pulled out of the 97th District race and filed in the 85th District.