Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Board gently opposes civics, financial literacy mandates

The Kansas State Board of Education on Wednesday sent a soft message to the governor opposing legislation requiring a civics test, a financial literacy...

House approves NRA-based gun safety program

The Kansas House on Thursday approved a bill requiring the state Board of Education to develop guidelines for gun-safety education that would include the...

Schmidt supporting NRA in New York lawsuit

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is teaming up with 15 other states in support of aΒ  National Rifle Association lawsuit to stop the state...

NRA doles out Kansas statehouse endorsements

The National Rifle Association has issued its legislative endorsements for the general election. We already know that the NRA backed Republican Kris Kobach for...

News nuggets from the Kansas governor’s race

Lots of odds and ends in the governor's race on Monday, none the least of which was another episode in the ongoing battle between...

UPDATED: NRA announces endorsements for Kansas House races

(Updated to reflect that Charlotte Esau was endorsed in District 14) The National Rifle Association on Tuesday announced its endorsements for the upcoming legislative primaries...