Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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To knock or not to knock: That is the question

It's the great political bet of 2020. Knock or don't knock. It's a simple — if not mundane — decision that could decide the fate of...

UPDATED: Coleman changes mind again, will stay on ballot

(Updated to include comments from House minority leader, excerpts of a piece published by Planned Parenthood lobbyist and comment from Republican strategist) Democratic candidate Aaron...

Moderate GOP class of 2016: What happened?

They came to the Legislature in 2016 to fix government. They wanted to reverse deep income tax cuts blamed for blowing holes in the budget. They...

House Democrats cash reserves mount, surpass GOP

Kansas House Democrats are running just a step ahead of Republicans with cash in the bank, marking yet another sign of the energy the Democrats...

UPDATED: Jeb Bush endorses Adkins in 3rd District race

(Updated to include comments from Weir campaign and fundraising efforts by Davids' campaign) Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday endorsed Amanda Adkins in the...

Candidates do delicate dance to fundraise in pandemic

Times are tough. Millions are without jobs. Businesses are shuttered. Stock values are plunging. As the American economy sputters amid the coronavirus pandemic, the political show goes on...

House Republicans pick new political consultant

Kansas House Republicans have hired former Singularis partner Jared Suhn as their new political strategist going into the 2020 elections. Leadership on the Republican House...

UPDATED: Van Meteren takes control of Singularis

(Updated to reflects comments from Suhn) Kristian Van Meteren has taken full control of the Singularis Group political consulting firm, splitting ways with partner Jared...

Obama back in the Kansas mix: Does he help or hurt?

Republicans used to run against two candidates in Kansas. The Democratic nominee. And Barack Obama. Just four years ago, Kansas Republicans ran against Obama as much as...

Kobach shuffles campaign staff, parts ways with strategist

With the primary election less than three months away, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kris Kobach has parted ways with a top political strategist and enlisted...