Spending on abortion campaign approaches $10 million


A flurry of new broadcast ads hit the airwaves this week, pushing the spending on the abortion amendment campaign closer to $10 million.

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom placed three new ad buys, another one was placed by the Value Them Both Coalition while Kansas Family Voice entered the ad war.

So far, overall broadcast spending on the abortion amendment is now at about $8.2 million plus another $1.3 million that Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is putting into the campaign for canvassers, digital ads and direct mail.

It’s already one of the most expensive primary campaigns in Kansas history.

Kansas Family Voice, which is part of the coalition supporting the amendment, is planning to spend about $236,000 on ads in the Wichita and Topeka markets, according to national ad tracking firm AdImpact.

Its ad contends that opponents of the amendment are trying to make abortion a “mandate” without restrictions – a counter to ads that say the amendment is mandating a form of government control over individual liberties.

“The Supreme Court has spoken now. The decision comes back to you, but Joe Biden and liberal justices are pushing to mandate abortion in Kansas with no restrictions, making Kansas an abortion destination,” the Kansas Family Voice ad says.

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, meanwhile, has a new ad out that highlights regulations that the state already has in place.

“Abortion is already highly regulated in Kansas. Here are the facts: Taxpayer funding for abortion, outlawed; abortion after viability, banned; parental consent, required.

“But you should also know this. This confusing constitutional mandate amendment could lead to a full ban of any abortion in Kansas, with no exceptions for rape, incest or a mother’s life.”

This latest regulations ad is running in Wichita, Kansas City and Topeka. Thirty-nine percent of the air plays are running in Wichita and Kansas City and 22% in Topeka.

Meanwhile, the Value Them Both Coalition has a new ad out this week featuring Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn.

The ad, which does not identify Dunn as the Leawood mayor, is only running in the Kansas City market so far.

The amendment does not ban abortion, but opponents believe it sets the Legislature up to pass a law banning abortion, especially now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

The amendment reverses a 2019 state Supreme Court decision that found abortion is a protected right in the state constitution.

So far, opponents of the amendment have spent about $4.3 million on broadcast ads against the amendment, according to AdImpact.

Supporters of the amendment have now spent about $3.9 million on broadcast.

Spending for the amendment grows to $5 million if Susan B. Anthony’s money is considered.

The overall spending is likely much higher on both sides because it doesn’t take into account mailers, postcards, polling and any staff salaries.

There are a smattering of other groups with political action committees that have been campaigning against the amendment, but their reports aren’t due to be filed with the state until July 25.

All groups specifically raising and spending money on the amendment must file their campaign reports on July 18.

Here are the new ads out this week:

Kansas Family Voice

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom

Value Them Both Coalition