Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Committee considers last-minute STAR bond restriction

A House-Senate conference committee is considering a last-minute proposal that would place a new restriction on a major tax break used to attract tourism. Democratic...

STAR bonds on trial: Legislation aims to tighten up on powerful tax incentive

The calls for reform began more than a decade ago. Lawmakers became enraged in 2005 when they learned that proceeds from a powerful tax incentive...

Kansas lawmakers work to fix Israel boycott law

Kansas lawmakers are trying to fix a constitutional flaw in a law passed last year that bars state contractors from boycotting Israel. Legislators are considering...

Proposed controls could slow pace of STAR bond applications

Kansas lawmakers are about to get tough on a potent but controversial tax break that critics say has been abused over the years. Republican leaders...

Kansas Senate poised to tackle high electricity rates

The Kansas Senate is apparently lining up to tackle Kansas’ high electricity rates with a resolution calling on state regulators to keep rates regionally...

Incentives for rural settlement face backlog

Kansas has a backlog of more than 800 people waiting for student loan subsidies that were intended to entice people to settle in rural...