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Governor, business groups collide over mask mandate

Gov. Laura Kelly and some leading Kansas business groups are colliding over the statewide mask mandate as the battle over balancing public health against...

UPDATED: Livestock Association deals out endorsements

(UPDATED to include endorsements for House Districts 1 and 4. KLA says that endorsements were not included in the announcement posted on its website) The...

Kansas Farm Bureau about to snap 24-year winning streak

The Kansas Farm Bureau's 24-year streak of endorsing winning candidates in the Kansas governor's race is about to end. This week, the Farm Bureau handed...

Livestock Association reveals general election endorsements

The Kansas Livestock Association on Monday released its endorsements for this year's general election. Most notably missing are endorsements in the governor's race and the...

Kobach’s strained relationship with Kansas agriculture

The question at a recent Republican gubernatorial candidate forum seemed like a softball. What will you do about government overregulation if elected governor? Secretary of State...