Farm Bureau rolls out legislative endorsements


The Kansas Farm Bureau’s political action committee on Thursday unveiled its 2022 legislative endorsements.

This list could change after the Aug. 2 primary depending on the outcome of those races, especially if an endorsed candidate fails to make it to the general election.

The PAC could still revisit races where there is no endorsement now after the primary.

On Wednesday, the Farm Bureau’s PAC endorsed Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt for governor over Democratic incumbent Laura Kelly.

It also has endorsed U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran and U.S. Reps. Tracey Man, Jake LaTurner and Ron Estes.

Here are the legislative endorsements in all contested races and a link to a story breaking down each race:

House District 1
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Michael Houser, R-Columbus
Democratic challenger: Paul Rodgers

House District 5
Endorsed candidate: Carrie Barth, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Mark Samsel, R-Wellsville

House District 6
Endorsed candidate: Samantha Poetter Parshall, R-Paola
Democratic challenger: Nina Fricke

House District 8
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Chris Croft, R-Overland Park
Democratic challenger: Pam Shernuk

House District 9:
Endorsed candidate: Fred Gardner, Republican
Democratic challenger: Alana Cloutier
Incumbent state Rep. Kent Thompson, R-Iola, is not running

House District 11
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Ron Bryce, John Lowrance, Josh Tucker.
Democratic candidate: Greg Wilkinson.
Incumbent Rep. Jim Kelly, R-Independence, is not seeking reelection.

House District 14
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Charlotte Esau, R-Olathe
Democratic challengers: Matt Maciel and Dennis Miller

House District 15
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Matt Bingesser
Democratic candidate: Allison Hougland
Incumbent: state Rep. John Toplikar, R-Olathe, is not running again

House District 16
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Linda Featherston, D-Overland Park
Republican challenger: Ed Roitz

House District 17
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jo Ella Hoye, D-Lenexa
Republican challenger: Emily Carpenter

House District 18
Endorsed candidate: Cathy Gordon, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Cindy Neighbor , D-Shawnee

House District 19
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Stephanie Clayton, D-Overland Park
Republican challengers: Nick Reddell and Mark Tallent.

House District 20
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Mari-Lynn Poskin,  D-Leawood
Republican challenger: Carrie Rahfaldt

House District 22
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Lindsay Vaughn, D-Overland Park
Republican challenger: Chris Colburn

House District 26
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Adam Thomas, R-Olathe
Democratic challenger: Cheron Tiffany

House District 27
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Sean Tarwater, R-Stilwell
Democratic challenger: Christi Pribula

House District 28
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Carl Turner, R-Leawood
Democratic challenger: Ace Allen

House District 29
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Heather Meyer, D-Overland Park
Republican challenger: David Soffer

House District 30
Endorsed candidate: Laura Williams
Democratic candidates: Scott Perkins and Courtney Eiterich

House District 31
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Louis Ruiz, R-Kansas City
Democratic challenger: Dennis Grindel

House District 33
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Mike Thompson and Clifton Boje
Democratic candidates: Taylor Dean, Bill Hutton, Mathew Reinhold
Incumbent state Rep. Tom Burroughs, D-Kansas City, is retiring.

House District 34
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Valdenia Winn, D-Kansas City
Republican challenger: Jose “Pepe” Cabrera.

House District 35
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Sam Stilwell and John Koerner
Democratic candidates: Nelson Gabriel and Marvin Robinson II
Incumbent state Rep. Broderick Henderson, D-Kansas City, is retiring

House District 36
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Kevin Braun and Mark Snelson
Democratic candidates: Lynn Melton and JoAnne Gilstrap
Incumbent state Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, D-Kansas City, is retiring.

House District 37
No endorsement
Democratic candidates: Melissa Oropeza and Faith Rivera
Incumbent state Rep. Aaron Coleman, D-Kansas City, is running.

House District 39:
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Owen Donohoe, R-Shawnee
Democratic challenger: Vanessa Vaughn West

House District 41
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Patrick Proctor, R-Leavenworth
Democratic challenger: Harry Schwarz

House District 43
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Bill Sutton, R-Gardner
Democratic challenger: Keith Davenport

House District 48
Endorsed candidate: Terry Frederick, Republican
Democratic incumbent: state Rep. Dan Osman, Overland Park

House District 49
No endorsement
Republican candidate:Kristin Clark
Democratic candidate: Brad Boyd
Incumbent state Rep. Megan Lynn, R-Olathe, is not running again.

House District 52
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jesse Borjon, R-Topeka
Democratic candidates: Derik Flerlage and Max Stucky Halley

House District 53
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Connie Burns and Bruce Williamson
Democratic candidates: Kirk Haskins and Joe Cheray
Incumbent state Rep. Jim Gartner, D-Topeka, is retiring.

House District 55
Endorsed candidate: Todd Staerkel, Republican
Democratic candidates: Tobias Schlingensiepen and Joshua Luttrell
Incumbent state Rep. Annie Kuether, D-Topeka, is retiring

House District 59
Endorsed candidate: Louis Reed, Republican
Republican opponent: Rebecca Schmoe
Democrat: Darrell McCune

House District 60
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Mark Schreiber, R-Emporia
Democratic challenger: Mic McGuire

House District 64
No endorsement
Republican challengers: Brad Starnes and Lewis Bloom
Incumbent state Rep. Suzi Carlson is seeking reelection.
Democratic challenger: Patricia Smetana

House District 67
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Mike Dodson, R-Manhattan
Democratic challenger: Kim Zito

House District 68:
Endorsed candidate: Nathan Butler, Republican
Republican opponent: John Seibel
Democratic opponent: Michael Seymour II
Incumbent state Rep. Dave Baker, R-Council Grove, is retiring.

House District 69
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Clarke Sanders, R-Salina
Democratic challengers: Sarah Crews and Molly Molina

House District 70
No endorsement
Republican challenger: Scott Hill
Incumbent: state Rep. John Barker, R-Abilene

House District 76
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Eric Smith, R-Burlington
Republican challenger: Robert Harmon

House District 78
Endorsed candidate: Robyn Essex, Republican
Republican opponent: Brian Herr
Democratic candidate: Michael Shimeall
Incumbent state Rep. Ron Ryckman Jr., R-Olathe, is not running.

House District 79
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Cheryl Helmer, R-Mulvane
Republican challenger: Webster Roth
Democratic candidates: Kris Trimmer and Cristel Heffron Love

House District 82
Endorsed candidate: Leah Howell
Democratic opponent: Misti Hobbs
Incumbent state Rep. Jesse Burris is not running again.

House District 85
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Patrick Penn, R-Wichita
Democratic challenger: Jalon Britton

House District 86
No endorsement
Democratic candidate: Silas Miller
Republican candidate: Rick Lindsey
Incumbent state Rep. Stephanie Byers, D-Wichita, is not running again.

House District 87
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Susan Estes, R-Wichita
Democratic challenger: Chris Strong

House District 88
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Chuck Schmidt, D-Wichita
Republican challenger: Sandy Pickert

House District 91
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Emil Bergquist, R-Park City
Democratic challenger: Brooke Chong

House District 94
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Leo Delperdang, R-Wichita
Democratic challenger: Robert Howes

House District 95
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Tom Sawyer, D-Wichita
Republican challenger: Christopher Parisho

House District 100
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita
Democratic challenger: Mike McCorkle 

House District 101
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Joe Seiwert, R-Pretty Prairie
Republican challenger: Jamey Lee Blubaugh 

House District 102
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jason Probst, D-Hutchinson
Republican challenger: John Whitesel

House District 104
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Paul Waggoner, R-Hutchinson
Democratic challenger: Garth Strand

House District 105
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Brenda Landwehr, R-Wichita
Democratic challenger: Jaelynn Abegg

House District 107
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Susan Concannon, R-Beloit
Republican challenger: Gerald Johnson

House District 109
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Troy Waymaster, R-Bunker Hill
Republican challenger: Noah Erichsen

House District 111
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Barbara Wasinger, R-Hays
Democratic challenger: Ed Hammond 

House District 113
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Brett Fairchild, R-St. John
Republican challenger: Bob Rein
Democratic challenger: Jo Ann Roth

House District 115:
Endorsed candidate: Gary White
Republican opponent: Joe Nucci
Incumbent state Rep. Boyd Orr, R-Fowler, is not running.

House District 116
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Kyle Hoffman, R-Coldwater
Democratic challenger: Kirsten Lee Barger

House District 117
No endorsement
Republican candidates: Bob Parsons and Adam Turk of Shawnee.
Democratic candidate: Courtney Tripp
Incumbent state Rep. Tatum Lee, R-Ness City, is running again in House District 118. This district was collapsed and moved to eastern Kansas during redistricting.

House District 118
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jim Minnix, R-Scott City.
Republican challenger: state Rep. Tatum Lee, R-Ness City

House District 119
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Brad Ralph, R-Dodge City
Republican challenger: Jason Goetz

House District 121
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. John Resman, R-Olathe
Democratic challenger: Mel Pinick

House District 122
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Bill Clifford, R-Garden City
Republican challenger: Corinne Wray

House District 123
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. John Wheeler Jr., R-Garden City
Republican challenger: Robert Y. Lewis