Family Policy Alliance reveals general election statehouse endorsements


The Family Policy Alliance for Kansas has unveiled its statehouse endorsements for Nov. 6 general election.

The alliance is a public policy partner of Focus on the Family that describes itself as “Christ-centered organization.”

They group endorsed Republican Kris Kobach for governor and Republican Jake LaTurner for treasurer.

They did not endorse in any other race for statewide office in Kansas, including attorney general and secretary of state.

In the race for the state Board of Education, the group endorsed Michelle Dombrosky in District 3.

Now onto endorsements in the legislative races. Only contested campaign are listed here:

District 2
No endorsement
Democratic candidate: state Rep. Adam Lusker
Republican challenger: Kenneth Collins

District 3
Endorsed candidate: Terry Calloway, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Monica Murnan, Democrat

District 4
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Trevor Jacobs, Republican
Democratic challenger: Lawrence Forbach

District 5
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Mark Samsel
Democratic candidate: Lassey Murphy

District 8
Endorsed candidate: Chris Croft, Republican
Democratic candidate: Michele Lobitz

District 14
Endorsed candidate: Charlotte Esau, Republican
Democratic candidate: Angela Justus Schweller

District 15
Endorsed candidate: John Toplikar, Republican
Democratic candidate: Chris Haulmark

District 16
Endorsed candidate: Sue Huff, Republican
Democratic candidate: state Rep. Cindy Holscher, Democrat

District 17
No endorsement
Republican candidate:
state Rep. Tom Cox, Republican
Democratic candidate: Laura Smith-Everett
Libertarian candidate: Michael Kerner

District 18
Endorsed candidate: Eric Jenkins, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Cindy Neighbor, Democrat

District 19
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Stephanie Clayton, Republican
Democratic challenger: Stephen Wyatt

District 20
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Jan Kessinger, Republican
Democratic challenger: Becky Barber

District 23
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Linda Gallagher, Republican
Democratic challenger: Susan Ruiz

District 25
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Melissa Rooker, Republican
Democratic challenger: Rui Xu

District 26
Endorsed candidate: Adam Thomas, Republican
Democratic candidate: Deann Mitchell

District 27
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Sean Tarwater, Republican
Democratic challenger: Nicole Rome

District 28
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Kellie Warren, Republican
Democratic candidate: Brian Clausen

District 29
No endorsement
Republican candidate:
James Todd
Democratic candidate: state Rep. Brett Parker
Libertarian challenger: Robert Firestone

District 30
Endorsed candidate: Wendy Bingesser, Republican
Democratic candidate: Brandon Woodard

District 33
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Tom Burroughs, Democrat
Libertarian challenger: Jason Conley

District 36:
Endorsed candidate: Chiquita Coggs, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, Democrat

District 38
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Willie Dove
Democratic candidate: Stuart Sweeney

District 39
Endorsed candidate: Owen Donohoe, Republican
Democratic candidate: Michael Bolton

District 40
Endorsed candidate: David French, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Debbie Deere, Democrat

District 41
Endorsed candidate: Tony Barton, Republican
Democratic candidate: state Rep. Jeff Pittman, Democrat

District 42
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jim Karleskint, Republican
Democratic challenger: Thea Perry

District 43
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Bill Sutton
Democratic challenger: Pamela Finley

District 45
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Cynthia Smith
Democratic candidate: Mike Amyx

District 47
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Ron Ellis
Democratic challenger: George Hanna

District 48
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Abraham Rafie, Republican
Democratic challenger: Dave Benson

District 49
Endorsed candidate: Megan Lynn, Republican
Democratic candidate: Darnell Hunt

District 50
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Fred Patton
Democratic challenger: Dan Brennan

District 51
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ron Highland, Republican
Democratic challenger: Noah Wright

District 52
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Brenda Dietrich, Republican
Democratic challenger: Toni Scalia

District 54
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ken Corbet, Republican
Democratic challenger: Sarah Coats

District 56
Endorsed candidate: Michael Snowden, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Virgil Weigel, Democrat

District 59
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Blaine Finch
Democratic challenger: John Hall

District 62
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Randy Garber, Republican
Democratic challenger: Melvin Baker

District 66
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Sydney Carlin, Democrat
Libertarian challenger: Edgar Chambers

District 67
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Tom Phillips, Republican
Democratic challenger: Alex Van Dyke

District 69
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. J.R. Claeys, Republican
Democratic challenger: Gerrett Morris

District 70
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. John Barker
Democratic challenger: Jo Schwartz

District 72
Endorsed candidate: Steven Kelly, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Tim Hodge, Democrat

District 78
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Ron Ryckman Jr.
Democratic challenger: Jason Darby

District 79
Endorsed candidate: Cheryl Helmer, Republican
Incumbent: state Rep. Ed Trimmer, Democrat

District 81
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Blake Carpenter, Republican
Democratic challenger: Shala Perez

District 82
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jesse Burris, Republican
Democratic challenger: Danette Harris

District 83
No endorsement
Republican candidate: David Robbins
Democratic candidate: state Rep. Henry Helgerson

District 85
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Michael Capps
Democratic challenger: Monica Marks

District 86
No endorsement
Incumbent: state Rep. Jim Ward, Democrat
Republican challenger: Jim Price

District 91
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Emil Bergquist, Republican
Libertarian challenger: David Loomis

District 93
No endorsement
Republican candidate: J.C. Moore
Democratic candidate: Clifton Beck

District 94
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Leo Delperdang, Republican
Democratic challenger: Dan Stiffler

District 97
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Nick Hoheisel
Democratic candidate: Rebecca Jenek

District 98
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Ron Howard
Incumbent: state Rep. Steve Crum, Democrat

District 99
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Susan Humphries, Republican
Democratic challenger: Kristi Kirk

District 100
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Dan Hawkins, Republican
Democratic challenger: Jennifer Winn

District 107
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. Susan Concannon
Libertarian challenger: Bryan Bombardier

District 110
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Ken Rahjes, Republican
Democratic challenger: Kim Thomas

District 111
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Barbara Wasinger
Incumbent: state Rep. Eber Phelps, Democrat

District 113
No endorsement
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Greg Lewis, Republican
Democratic challenger: David Curtis

District 114
No endorsement
Endorsed candidate: state Rep. Jack Thimesch, Republican
Democratic challenger: Shanna Henry

District 120
No endorsement
Republican candidate: Adam Smith
Democratic challenger: Jerry Hill

District 121
No endorsement
Republican candidate: state Rep. John Resman
Democratic challenger: Nick Gill

District 123
No endorsement
Republican candidate: John Wheeler
Democratic candidatePedro Rodriguez

Special election Senate District 13
Endorsed candidate: state Sen. Richard Hilderbrand, Republican
Democratic challenger: Bryan Hoffman
Libertarian challenger: Sam Habjan