Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Schmidt’s proposed southern highway: How much could it cost and are there trade-offs?

A highway of prosperity or tough choices. Or both? Republican Attorney General Derek's Schmidt's vision of a four-lane freeway cutting across southern Kansas carries with it...

Kansas tears down ‘Bank of KDOT’

Gov. Laura Kelly signed a new budget Wednesday that brings an end to the "irresponsible practice" of using hundreds of millions of dollars in...

Driverless vehicles bill hits speed bump

A bill that that would clear the way for retailer Walmart to employ driverless delivery trucks is running into a hitch as opposition builds...

Kansas explores new road for highway funding

The days of paying gas taxes at the pump may eventually be as passé as using a landline to place a phone call. States across...

Infrastructure bill: How might Kansas use the money

At the outset of Gov. Laura Kelly's term, the state didn't have any road projects to pull off the shelf if money suddenly came...

Heartland Flyer operating rail costs could fall to states

Plans to extend Amtrak's Heartland Flyer rail service from Oklahoma to Kansas will likely require the state to share in the operating costs if...

Kansas pedestrian deaths more than double in 2020

Pedestrian fatalities more than doubled in Kansas last year, climbing to their highest mark in the last 16 years, preliminary state highway data shows. The...

KDOT seeks to rework new tolling law

Public transit could be funded with tolling revenue generated from new highway lanes built under a law enacted two years ago. The House transportation committee...

COVID-19 strikes KDOT as winter moves into state

The timing couldn't be any worse for the state's Transportation Department. As winter season moves into Kansas, transportation officials are grappling with a rapid rise...

Former transportation secretary named to turnpike board

Gov. Laura Kelly late Friday appointed former Transportation Secretary Deb Miller to the Kansas Turnpike Authority board. Miller led the Kansas Department of Transportation from...